Fully booked for 2019. Now taking appointments for 2020.

Wardrobe Update


Did you know that most people only use 20% of their wardrobe.Fashion designer Katie Perry will visit you in the comfort of your home, review your clothing, shoes, bags and accessories and help you with:

Simple styling tips and advice – no rigid rules
Expert advice on what to keep/toss/alter
Combine your existing clothing and accessories to create exciting new combinations
Save $$$ – work with what is in your wardrobe
Identify the “gaps” in your wardrobe to create more outfits   with a set shopping list

At the end you will be given a personalised body shape and colour style guide along with a list of what clothing you need to purchase.

2-3 hours per wardrobe update

Have the best of both worlds with WARDROBE AND STYLE package .  All of the above plus you will use the list created go shopping and fill the gaps in your wardrobe This package can be used on the same day or separate occasions.
Wardrobe update is 2 hours and VIP shopping in 2 hours