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Last Minute Style Gift Ideas

It is that time of year when you can find yourself roaming the stores aimlessly trying to find that elusive gift.

So we have put together a list  of gift ideas for everyone from the Dapper Gent to the Weekend Yogi to help save you time and money.

For the Weekend Yogi : Colouring in Book. This is the latest form of meditation and perfect for every budget

For the Stiletto Lover: Foldable Shoes.  It's the season of long hours,of socialising so a pair of fold up shoes that can be carried in any bag will always be popular.

For women in your life:  Katie Perry and Ken Duncan ( Australians Most know panoramic photographer ) are co-hosting a fashion parade in his stunning gallery. Choose from an evening fashion parade including drinks and canapés and/ or a 1/2 day styling workshop ( normally valued at $500) for only $50.

For the Movie Buff: James Bond Movie set or Star Wars Cookie Cutters

For the Corporate Worker : Cufflinks based on their hobby ie.cars, theatre, sailing

For the Dapper Gent: Flower lapels- Races will be back in February and this finishes off any outfit.

For the Time Rushed: A Virtual Styling Lookbook  created just for them- Men and Women worldwide. This gift is timeless and is about a style experience that can be used throughout the year.

Still not sure then look at a personalised Gift. This is the “IT” gift this season.

Think Initial iPhone case, Monogram towels, jewellery, cufflinks, wine glasses, cutting boards.. the list in endless

Colouring Book

Colouring in Book



Flower Lapel

Flower Lapel

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

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