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How to pack like a stylist

Recently returning from a business trip of 9 cities in 40 days I have got packing down to a fine art . With easter holidays approaching here are tips to have your traveling in Style and Ease.

Pack Hangers

That right. I am not talking about chunky, heavy wooden hangers but lightweight velvet ones. This makes it very easy to pull items straight from your bag into the wardrobe and ensures you never run out of hangers.

Roll VS Flat

There has long been discussions whether rolling clothes or laying them flat is better. To be honest I find a mixture of both works well. I have my clothes on the black hanger and lay them flat into the suit case. Then roll singlets and t-shirts and place them in the corners and surrounding areas

Weather and your luggage

Its been known to happen that I pick up my suitcase from the airport belt only to notice its soaking wet. This is not a good way to start the trip. I know use dry cleaning bags or waterproof fabric to cover the entire inside of the suitcase and voila no more wet clothes or clothing getting stuck in zippers!

Take more tops then bottoms

Tops get dirty quicker and can make a whole outfit look different. So for every pair of trousers/jeans or skirts (for the ladies) bring 3 different tops. 1:3 ratio always works for me. Lay out everything on the bed and make sure you have a matching tops.

Colour Scheme

The easiest way to mix and match your outfits is by taking  neutral colours such as white, grey and black .This way everything will go together and then use accessories to add colour to your outfit. Also coming from Australia we are always a season behind so that  bright orange top that is so on trend here in Sydney may look out of fashion in Europe

Take at least 2 different pairs of day time shoes

You are either thinking, “But of course I always pack plenty of shoes” or “ Why would I need more then 2 pairs of shoes?” Now if you are in the last camp here is the reason. Walking in a new city , no matter how comfortable your shoes they will start to rub against your feet in the same area day in day out. Its is also the quickest way to wear out your shoes. So give your feet and shoes a rest by changing shoe styles every 2 days.

What to Wear on the Plane

I see SO many people wearing jeans and for long distances I wonder how comfortable that is! Choose black pants that have a stretch to them so they can move with your body. I always pack a spare top incase you spill anything and also its a great way to freshen up if you are getting people at the airport or even in-between transfers.

Now I cant promise but women wearing KP have been known to get a upgrade on flights!

Take a scarf or sarong

Both are great for on the plane to wrap yourself up in or rolled up and used as a pillow. If you are having afternoon siestas they can be used as a blanket on top of you. I always travel with KP merino wrap as its cozy,antibacterial and feels like a bit of home whenever i travel.

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