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Update your wardrobe with a professional stylist

5 Easy Steps to a Wardrobe Makeover

Do you find yourself wearing the same things despite having a wardrobe full of clothes? Do you ever struggle to find items in your wardrobe ?

As we move from one season into the next this is the perfect time to update/refresh and rejuvenate you wardrobe.

Follow these easy steps that will save you money and time.

Watch what an insiders view on KPTV on what happens during a wardrobe update

1) Section it

Look at your wardrobe and decide which section to begin with. You might want to do it all in one go or take a few days to go through it. Take everything out form that section.

Make it easy for yourself and create areas that are for workout , lounge, casual, work, evening.


With each piece decide- Is this dated, never worn ,dirty , over worn or happy to keep.

Be objective.Yes there might be pieces with sentinmetal value or memories and I believe to keep these BUT  if there is an item that hasn’t been worn since 90’s ( think big shoulder pads or Velvet trouser) chances are you aren’t going to wear it again!

As you move through your wardrobe put items you no longer need in the wardrobe into these three piles .

If you don’t have an alterations place let me know as I can pass on a list of fantastic places.

Sell- nowdasy you can choose form ebay/gumtree or even on facebook to sell items. Charity- I choose to support Dress for Success and pass on all items from any Wardrobe Updates I do to this great charity.

3)Hang it.

Hang all items in the different sections so that you are abel to quickly take from your work area

If it hasn’t be worn for a year LET IT GO-

Get rid of any wire coat hangers, give them to your local dry cleansers.Wire coat hangers can distort the shape of items.

The best hangers are black velvet as they stop items from falling off and don’t take up as much room as wooden hangers

4)Shopping List

Create a list on your phone of what you need. Are there staple pieces missing from your wardrobe? Do you have a great skirt but no top to go with it? Or do you need to replace a favourite pair of jeans? This way you will be saving money as you shop as you will be consciously shopping for what you NEED and by having it on your phone .


Most important once you have finished get those items out of your house. I have seen it before when a wardrobe has been updated only to have items magical appear back into the wardrobe.

Repeat these steps every three months so the task doesn’t become too overwhelming. The more often you cull, the quicker and easier the process will be.

Not sure you are ready to do this alone?  Katie Perry will  do it with you

  • Simple styling tips and advice – no rigid rules
  • Expert advice on what to keep/toss/alter
  • Combine your existing clothing and accessories to create exciting new combinations
  • Save $$$ – work with what is in your wardrobe
  • Identify the “gaps” in your wardrobe to create more outfits
  • Donate clothes to Dress for Success

When its over Katie will take all “tossed” clothes so you aren’t left with bags to dispose of, just a wardrobe that is sparkling and ready to be used. YES, I WANT A WARDROBE MAKEOVER

In the comments below, let us know how your wardrobe looks now.

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