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Dos and don't for Office Christmas Party

Do’s and Dont’ for the Office Christmas Party

It’s the silly season and a time when the weather heats up, champagne is popped and every restaurant is booked with office parties. This doesn’t mean you can cut loose with your co-workers like you would with your weekend friends.

We have a list of how to stay stylish at your office event.

Day vs Night

This is an opportunity to showcase your personality that might not otherwise be on show at work. Keep in mind where the event is taking place- if its during the day go for a smart casual look. For a night time event go for a chic cocktail look.

If there is a theme, make an effort and stick to it. Nothing screams a bore than someone who doesn’t dress up.

There is still a certain dress code as this is your place of work.

Ladies: Never wear clothes too revealing, dresses that are too tight or short. Leave this for when you are going out with your friends on the weekend.

Guys: Shorts, singlets and thongs are only appropriate for the weekend, home or beach.

It is always better to be over-dressed so keep in mind that jeans and sneakers are not appropriate for an evening cocktails event.

Keep your style

Now this isn’t so much about clothing but about keeping you looking polished from the start of the event to the end. Too many drinks, not enough food and by the end you can look shabby, messy and perhaps not long till office gossip follows. Whether you work for a large company or a small scale business, you are your brand. It’s always a good rule to never be the last to leave (or the first!).

Fabric Choice

This is a big one for both men and women.

It might seem like a strange thing to add but the fabric your clothes are made from can quickly change an entire look. As the weather warms up and if your party is outside try to wear natural fabrics- silks, cotton, modal or linen.  These fabrics will breathe and won’t leave you over heated as well as limiting those unsightly sweat marks.

Work to Play

Need to go straight to the event from the office? You can quickly and easily update your look.

Men: Add a flower lapel and/or pocket square and take off your tie to change the look of your suit

Women: Add a bright coloured necklace, a large clutch and high heels for a quick makeover. It is the party season so it is a great time to wear colour and sequins- don’t go over board as you don’t want to end up looking like a christmas bauble.

Remember these key points and but most importantly have fun as it’s a time to celebrate all you have achieved during the year.

I hope you celebrate the holiday season in style and have a fabulous 2016.

Katie Perry

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